One Thing at a Time

Yoga 1I’ve been thinking about going back to the intravenous infusions, but I still don’t know. Being on treatment is supposed to stave off another MS episode and keep me from spending more quality time in the hospital. But when I think about that needle puncturing the crook of my arm, or the other needles stabbing my belly and my hips, the skull crushing migraines and muscle stiffness, I think I’ll go with… no thanks.

I’d like to strengthen my body as naturally as I can so that whatever symptom flare ups come, I’ll be fit enough to go through them. I started yoga today. I heard it helps with strength and balance and I can always use more of those. So I brushed off a couple layers of lazy and showed up for the 9:00 a.m. class at Bamboo Moves. It felt like the first day of school and I was the exchange student from another country who didn’t speak the language.

I nearly fell over doing one of the most basic positions they have: standing up with feet together and arms at sides. The curve ball was that you should have your eyes closed during the pose. While I was focusing on my breathing and being receptive to universal energy and whatnot, my vertigo swayed me to the left, and before I knew it I had almost stumbled over onto a neighboring mat. The instructor calmly nodded, gesturing for me to keep going, not missing a beat. I was mortified, but nobody looked and nobody cared. I got back into position and followed along, but this time I kept my eyes open. Bad enough I was wearing a leotard and tank top among people I didn’t know, I wasn’t interested in falling on my face to boot.

I’m pretty stiff and still sort of self conscious about having my rear in the air around a bunch of strangers, but I think I’ll keep this yoga thing.