Habitual Happiness

habitual 2

In every day, there’s a reason to be happy. When I dig, and wipe away the daily dust,  I find…

the twinge of excitement while I strapped on my shin guards and boots, bit down on my mouth guard and put on my gloves;

the song that makes my hips shake with no control. It’s downloaded into my phone and all I have to do is push a button to set it off;

holding the crazy, wild-eyed puppy whose only obsession is to kiss me on the mouth,      no matter what;

talking to a five year-old about her preference for red cowboy boots;

my cousin showing me a 25 year-old family picture of us that he keeps in his wallet;

doing my mother’s nails, then watching her wave her hands in the air to punctuate every word;

lying on my back on a boat, losing all sense of direction, focusing only on the intensity of the sun on my skin;

a kiss, that leaves no room to breathe.

The daily thought. The good thought. The hot thought. The right thought.

The Prosecco, St. Germain, Cointreau, rose water, and wild hibiscus bloom sitting at the bottom of a glass.