What Happened in Vegas

Last weekend I was in Las Vegas for the finale of the ultimate Fighter MMA competition. Some friends and I were seated ringside watching our guy go to work in the cage. Yeah,… Continue reading

Limping in Heels

When it comes to dating, there’s no right time to announce that you have a chronic illness that may or may not interfere with your energy level, your eyesight, or even your ability… Continue reading

The Quit Point

I’ve trained with some bad boys and girls in my time. I’ve partnered with chicks wearing bandannas over their cornrows, and I’ve stood in front of boys wearing mohawks and tattoos. I’ve rolled… Continue reading

Waiting For You

I don’t call you by name, because I don’t know it. Even though in my heart, I’ve whispered it over and over to see if at last you’d answer. You’re taking your time.… Continue reading

Habitual Happiness

In every day, there’s a reason to be happy. When I dig, and wipe away the daily dust,  I find… the twinge of excitement while I strapped on my shin guards and boots,… Continue reading

Empty Hands

When I started training, I was taught that the meaning of the word Karate was “empty hands.” It was about self-defense without the use of weapons. Hour after hour on the mat we practiced… Continue reading

Feeding my Future

In an effort to treat this thing more holistically, I’ve been following the Swank diet which focuses on reducing the intake of saturated fats and increasing the intake of fruits, vegetables and whole… Continue reading

Square One

   I cut all my hair off this weekend and it was like a square one moment. I’d been talking about doing it for a long time and this past Friday after work,… Continue reading

No Hands!!!

When it comes to biking, I have a childlike fascination with people who can pedal with no hands. I see them go by every now and then and I can’t help it, my… Continue reading

The Good Fight

When I first started training, all I could do was focus on not passing out. And I wasn’t even sick yet! I wasn’t particularly athletic and had never tried martial arts before. I… Continue reading